The microwave is a structure and a hazard in Granny. Opening the microwave makes noise and alerts Granny.



  • The Microwave originally did not attract Granny's attention before Version 1.3.
    • Before Version 1.2, it didn't shoot out sparks at all and made a much quieter noise when it was opened.
  • The Security Camera(Including the Jail Door), TV (including the Satellite receiver) and Microwave are the only piece of modern technology in Granny's house.
  • What is strange is that all items that can spawn in the Microwave are made of metal or at least have metal parts. Placing metal objects in a microwave will cause said object to explode or cause the microwave to set on fire, possibly explaining why there is a loud noise when opening the microwave.
  • The Safe Key used to spawn in there.