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[[Category:Version 1.1]]
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[[Category:Main Door]]

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Number Keypad

The Number Padlock is one of the locks on the Main Door. It is found on all difficulties with the exception of Easy mode.


After opening the Number Padlock, the metal panel above it will slide to the left. The Number Padlock will drop to the ground, creating a noise that alerts Granny.


It has the appearance of a number keypad of a bank safe.


  • According to telephone numbers, the code would be 2633.
  • The Number Padlock will usually glitch through the floor while opened, causing it to appear next to the Well in the Backyard.
  • MessageNumberPadlock

    The Message appears on the Player's screen

    Prior to Version 1.5, Granny will place the Number Padlock on the Main Door if the Player is 'too good' (the Player takes off multiple locks within 2 days):
    • In versions 1.0 and 1.1, a sharp metal clunk sound can be heard after a certain amount of time passed to let the Player know that the Number Padlock has been placed.
    • The sound effect was replaced with a message that appears on the player's screen in 1.2 onward (Easy Mode only) until it was entirely removed in 1.5, as this would have no effect on a player escaping with the Car.
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