The Orange Cogwheel is an item that is used to unlock the Cogwheel Safe in the Backyard. It was added in Version 1.3.

Mechanics and Spawning

The Orange Cogwheel does not spawn with the Red Cogwheel. However, if one Cogwheel is found, the other Cogwheel is guaranteed to spawn in the location listed in the same row:

Orange Cogwheel Red Cogwheel
Microwave Baby Room, Right Drawer
Dining Room Wardrobe Behind Jail Ventilator
Backyard Shed Bedroom 2, Left Drawer
Left Sink in Bathroom Well
Behind Jail Ventilator Bottom Shelf of Shed

For more information, see Item Locations.


The Orange Cogwheel is quite small and has 12 teeth as well as a small circle shape cut out of the middle. It is slightly rusted. The Red Cogwheel looks the same but has a red color.


  • It might be necessary to drop the Cogwheels in a certain place to alert Granny. However, Cogwheels make little noise and it might be necessary to drop them multiple times before Granny is alerted.
  • The Cogwheels make the same noise as any key in the game when dropped, just softer.