The Padlock Code is an item in Granny. It is required to escape Granny's house most of the time.


The Padlock Code is used to unlock the Numeric Padlock in the Main Door. This is its only use, and it cannot be used for anything else.

Appearance and Properties

The Padlock Code is a small, rectangular bronze/copper plate. On the plate is the word "Code". The word Code seems to be faded meaning this item hasn't been used in a long time. Strangely, the only thing written on the plate is the word code, suggesting that either DVloper could not write a code on the Padlock Code, or the code for the Numeric Padlock is 'Code'.

The Padlock Code can't disarm Bear Traps.


The Padlock Code will always spawn unless the difficulty is Easy

It has 5 possible spawn locations, much like other items:

  1. Kitchen top left Cupboard
  2. Stair Closet
  3. Meat Room wall
  4. Study right Drawer
  5. Cellar Swamp wall


  • The code on the Padlock Code is seemingly "Code", but the Numeric Padlock on the Main Door only has buttons for numbers. This means that the actual code is not on the paper, yet the Player somehow still manages to unlock the lock.
  • Slendrina: The Forest, another game previously made by DVloper, has the player manually enter a code to unlock a box. Interestingly, this mechanic was not carried over to Granny. This could be because the code was the same in every game, making it easy to memorize the code and skip that part of the game.
  • MessageNumberPadlock

    The Message appears on the Player's screen

    In Version 1.0 and Version 1.1, the numeric padlock and Padlock Code did not exist from the start of the game. It would be added to the door with a sharp metal clunk sound after a certain amount of time passed.
    • As detailed above, this behavior is retained in Version 1.2 onward, but only on Easy mode. The sound effect was also replaced with a message that appears on the player's screen.
    • This functionality was entirely removed in Version 1.5, however, as this would have no effect on a player escaping with the Car.
  • If the letters "CODE" correspond to telephone numbers, the code would be "2633."
  • If the letters "CODE" were corresponding to the letters in the alphabet the code would be 31545, C being 3 O being 15 D being 4 and E being 5. But since there are only four letter in the word "CODE" then this would not exist.
  • When dropped, the code will make a very soft noise, but will still alert Granny.
  • It is not heavy enough to activate Bear Traps.
  • Since the version 1.5 Update, the Padlock Code, Battery and Master Key are only needed for escaping via the Main Door out of the pre-update tools, deeming them not totally required.
  • It used to spawn in the Bathroom Cabinet and in the Basement tin can until the release of version 1.7.
  • It makes the same noise as the Tranquilizer Darts.
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