The Padlock Key is a key used in Granny. The Padlock Key is found hidden in the house and is required to finish the game on all difficulties.


The blade part is made out of silver with four jagged teeth, and the handle is a blue circle with another smaller circle cut out.


The only usage of the Padlock Key is to open the Regular Padlock on the Main Door and to unlock the padlock latch locking the garage door. The Padlock Key appears on all difficulties.



  • Unlike all other keys with the exception of the Car Key, the Padlock Key has 2 uses.
  • All the keys, including the Padlock Key, make the same sound when dropped but at different volume levels. (except the Special Key, which makes the same noise as the Wrench.)
  • Currently, it is the only item that is always required to escape.
  • Actually, the cutting pliers is also required to escape as for the main door and the jail cell will always contain something that will give you in the end something for the car
  • The Padlock Key used to spawn in the Jail Ventilator in Preset 4. This was changed in version 1.5 and moved to the Special Room - Locker.
  • The Padlock key used to spawn in one of the drawers and in the Safe.
  • It is the only key with a circle handle.