Painting Pieces are items scattered throughout Granny's house when playing on Practice, Easy or Normal difficulty. There are four in total and placing all four painting pieces in the frame in the Basement rewards you with an additional day to escape from Granny.

Like most items in the game, when dropped, they will create noise which will alert Granny to the noise location.

The Painting Pieces are not required to complete the game, although they are helpful in providing the player with an additional attempt to escape.

When fully assembled, a message will appear saying, "Granny has decided to reward you with an extra day in the house".


There are 3 location presets for the painting pieces, chosen at random when the game starts.

Painting Piece 1 Painting Piece 2 Painting Piece 3 Painting Piece 4
Bathtub In the Study Wardrobe Kitchen cupboard next to refrigerator Shelf in Bedroom 1
On Static Table in Secret Area Entrance On Study armchair Kitchen countertop next to microwave On crates in Basement
On shelf in Secret Area Middle Floor In Attic tunnel On Dining Room table In Stair Closet



  • The Painting appears to be a painting of Granny holding the bat in the Kitchen, similar to the Title Screen.
  • The Painting Pieces are not heavy enough to activate Bear Traps.
  • It is possible that the Painting was smashed by the Previous Victim.
  • You will not be able to assemble the painting and get an extra day on Hard or Extreme mode.
  • Some Youtubers think the bonus day is bad such as Annoying Orange and DanTDM.
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