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The Paintings are hazards in Granny, as they can be knocked onto the floor, creating noise and alerting Granny. They were added in Version 1.0, and they can be found around the house. Paintings can be found hanging in the Main Room, the Kitchen, the Living Room, the Starting Bedroom, the Study, Crow Room, the Bookshelf Room and Bedroom 2. The Paintings in the Bookshelf Room cannot be knocked down.

Properties and Mechanics

When the Player touches a Painting, it will fall straight down to the ground, creating noise and alerting Granny. Just like with all other hazards, Granny will put the Paintings back up if she sees they have been knocked down.

This is one of the easiest hazards to knock over as the Player simply has to touch them. So all you have to do is just to avoid paintings. It can be dangerous if Granny is close and you knock a painting off the wall.

To avoid knocking over the Paintings by the stairs in the Main Room you should hug the railing while walking down.


  • If you knock down a Painting and it falls onto the floor when Granny's far away, you can constantly push the side of the Painting and it will fall out of the map before appearing back on the wall when everything resets.
  • The Paintings found in the Main Room and Study can also be seen as pages in Slender Man Rise Again/Slender Man Stands, one of the first few mobile games DVloper released. They return as paintings in both The House of Slendrina and Slendrina the School as well.

    The original painting

  • The Painting located in the Crow Room is of Slendrina's Mom from Slendrina: Asylum.
  • The Painting in Bedroom 2 can be knocked down to reveal the Bookshelf Lever.


Below is a set of pictures, showing which Paintings can be found in each room, as well as the second picture for each Painting with the brightness adjusted (for easier viewing).

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