The Plank is an item in Granny that was added in Version 1.2. It is required to escape the house.


The player needs a Hammer to take it down. It can be put across the Unstable Flooring so the Player can walk across it. A Plank falling on the floor makes a noise that alerts Granny. Three Planks block the entrance to the Baby Room and at least one of them needs to be knocked down by the Hammer to get there. They also spawn in the Crow Room Closet and need to be removed in the same way to access that room.


  • For now, it's the biggest item in the game.
  • If the Player throws an item near the Planks and hides in the chest or vent, Granny will knock down the planks and will later leave. It is unknown if this is a glitch or intentional.
  • Attempting to use any other item to pave a path across the hole will result in the Player remarking "Maybe I can use one of the planks".
  • You can also use the Crow Room Planks to go across the attic.
  • It is so large, it sometimes may glitch through the Attic floor and end up on the stairs or the Main Room
  • The Plank is the second item in the game that has multiple clones of itself.