"I have to leave this house" ― Player

The Player is the main protagonist of Granny. As he is the representation of the person playing the game, not much is known about his identity.


On the 2nd day, the Player will start limping around, which does not affect his speed, but can be slightly disorienting.

On the 3rd day, his limp will become much more severe, making it difficult to pick up objects or interact with the environment while on the run. This still does not affect your top speed.

On the 4th day, the player's vision will become permanently bloodied. The Starting Bed will now also be covered in a large patch of blood.

On the 5th and 6th days, the Player will not accumulate any more injuries.


Despite having multiple endings, a canon ending and the fate of the Player is still unknown.

If you can get out of Granny's house, you will get a good ending, and he will leave alive. But if you are caught by Granny on the last day, you'll get a bad ending where the Player dies.


It is possible that the Player is the same protagonist as Slendrina: The Forest, and he stumbled upon Granny's house after discovering the secret of Slendrina's husband and attempting to leave the forest.


  • In the PC version, there is an exclusive opening cutscene reveals that while the Player wandering about the forest, he suddenly got hit in the head and captured by Granny before starting the game. This also explains why the Player feels dizzy after waking up in the first day.
  • The Player has no model attached to him in-game, and as a result he appears completely invisible. There are a few instances where this is especially noticeable:
    • There is no driver in the Car during the Car escape ending.
    • On the PC version, if the Player walks in front of the Flashlight before picking it up, his shadow will not be shown on the wall. Not only this, but if he picks up the Vase, its shadow will completely disappear.
    • Also, there was a glitch that allows the Player to walk around during the death cutscenes with freecam. Were he walk to the scenes of the execution, he would notice that he is completely invisible. This was patched in Version 1.5, as it relies on the Hide Anywhere glitch, but a video of it can be seen here.
  • He is good at shooting, as he knows where he is shooting with the crossbow and shotgun.
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