The Playhouse is a structure in Granny located in the Backyard.


It is a small playhouse made out with wood. The wood appears to be moldy and very old. The door on the playhouse has a green lock on it. The door has a small window with 2x4 square holes on it. The Playhouse also has 1 window on each side. The roof is triangular. The playhouse looks like a very grimy dolls house, possibly granny out it there too hide an item to escape and for slendrina too play with.


The front door is locked and does not open until the player obtains the Playhouse Key and uses it on the lock on the door. The sound of the lock dropping can alert Granny. Once it has been unlocked, the player can crouch and enter, then place the Cogwheels on the Cogwheel Safe to obtain an item that will be needed to progress and escape the house. The items that can spawn behind the Toy Lock are the Master Key, Padlock Key, and Weapon Key, along with the Spark Plug as of version 1.5.


  • The player can hide in the Playhouse, as Granny can't crouch and enter it. This is often a used strategy if the Player unlocks the lock when Granny is nearby and they have very little time to escape the Backyard, especially on Hard or Extreme Mode.
  • It is a good place to hide if Granny Chases you, hiding in the Garden Chest is a guaranteed knockout because Granny will be chasing you. The Playhouse however, has an advantage, even if Granny sees you go inside, she won't knock you out!
  • There is a glitch where the player can actually enter the Playhouse by crouching, crawling underneath the playhouse window and then un-crouching. However, the player will be stuck until the next day, assuming that Granny can even find the player and knock them out.
  • The player can be stuck forever due to a glitch in the Playhouse. Make a noise in the Playhouse, make sure that you get Granny in front of the small door so that she can place a Bear Trap in front of the Playhouse door. The Bear Trap must be inside the Playhouse enough so that it is close enough to the player. Afterward, walk into the Bear Trap. When the trap closes in on the player, it causes them to suddenly stand up. They won't be able to move, they cannot take any items, and they are stuck until Granny comes to investigate the noise.
  • The Playhouse probably belonged to Slendrina or her child.
  • It is possible to hide behind the Playhouse in the small area between it and the Backyard fence.
  • Upon Version 1.7, to the right of the Playhouse is the Sewer Tunnel entrance.
  • The Car Battery used to spawn here in Preset 3. However, in Version 1.7 it was moved to the Sewer Cell. It used to be the only item to spawn in the Playhouse instead of the Cogwheel Safe.



Top Floor

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Ground Floor

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