The Previous Victim is one of Granny's victims and is the person who writes the notes. His/her age and name is unknown. Although his fate is proven deceased.


A puddle of blood can be found on the Basement floor, probably from the victim. There is more dried blood in the Bed in Bedroom 2 on the Upper Floor. This is probably where the person was taken by Granny before and after she captured the victim. Also, some paintings have blood on them.

There are visible signs of a struggle in the Bathroom.

  • The mirrors above the sink are shattered.
  • The Toilet is filled with blood.
  • The Bathtub has been stained with blood.
  • The wall next to the Bathtub has streaks of blood running down the wall, like someone with bloodied hands tried to claw their way out.

Similarly to the bloody marks on the Bathroom wall, there is a bloody handprint on the Dining Room Window from where the person might have tried to escape, only to realize the Backyard had been fenced in.

Possibly the most major piece of evidence is the word "HELP" painted with blood on the roof of the Shed located in the Backyard.

Other minor pieces of evidence include "FIVE DAYS", which has been scratched into the tables in the Kitchen and in the Starting Bedroom. Inside the left drawer of the Starting Bedroom is the message "Leave this house" spelled out in blood. There are also 5 tally marks scratched into the wall of the Walk-In Closet.

A major evidence is that the victim may be the protagonist of Slendrina: The Forest.

Final Words

A Note can be found in the Hidden Tunnel stating that this is their fifth day spent in the house. The note has drops of blood and could be entirely written in blood.

It also says that his car broke down, indicating that the previous victim was old enough to drive. This also makes it possible that the Car in the Garage was stolen by Granny when he was kidnapped, with the parts scattered around the house and the Garage Door locked to prevent escape.