"I need a padlock key" - The player

The Regular Padlock is a lock on the Main Door and the Garage Door. It is unlocked with the Padlock Key. When done so, the Regular Padlock will fall to the ground and the top plank will swing down, creating noise that alerts Granny.


The Padlock appears to be a simple padlock. The shackle is silver gray and the body of the padlock is faded light red. It is attached to a wooden plank and is held on by a black handle of sorts.


The Top Plank has a similar appearance to the Bottom Plank except that it is skinnier and has a padlock on the right side of it. While the padlock in the Garage is just a little bit smaller and locked to the Garage Door. The Player needs the Padlock Key to unlock the Regular Padlock; When done so, the Regular Padlock will fall down, making noise that alerts Granny.


  • The Main Door and the Garage Door share the same padlock model, but the Garage Door padlock is a little smaller.
  • Both padlocks makes the same noise.
  • It is the only lock that is required to be taken off on both escape routes.
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