The Safe is a structure in the basement. Before you can open it, you will need the Safe Key. The location of the Safe Key corresponds to what is in the Safe as follows:

Safe Key Location Safe Contains
Jail Ventilator Car Key or Winch Handle
Screwdriver Safe Car Battery or Cutting Pliers
Teddy Room Engine Part


  • Just like the Well, the Player won't always need to check this since the 1.5 Update as there are two escape procedures.
  • Despite it making a noticeably loud sound, opening the safe does not alert Granny, although dropping the Safe Key does.
  • Originally, on preset #4, the Player could reach the Cutting Pliers from inside the Safe without having to use the Safe Key. On the right side of the safe, there is a gap where you can reach for them and grab it. However, this was patched in Version 1.3.2. In 1.4, you could also do the same thing on the bottom left edge of the Car Trunk and grab the Hammer on preset #3, but this was patched in Version 1.5.
  • The Playhouse Key used to spawn in the Safe.