The Screwdriver is an item in Granny that was added in Version 1.1.


The Screwdriver appears to be a slotted or "flat-blade" screwdriver with a blue hexagon handle


The Screwdriver is required to unlock a little compartment located on the sides of the stairs in the Secret Area, close to the Basement tunnel. An item useful for the player's escape will always be found inside.

If Extra Locks or Extreme mode is on, it is also required to get the Backyard Lever in the Backyard.


It always spawns on a shelf near the ceiling of the second floor, just above the stairs and to the right of the Main Door. To knock it down, you need either a Crossbow and one of the Tranquilizer Darts, obtainable with the Weapon Key, or the Shotgun and ammo, obtainable by bringing all three shotgun pieces down into the Garage.

The screwdriver has no other usage, but it is still made important because it's one of the hardest items to obtain.


  • As of Version 1.5, the Gasoline Can sometimes can be found on the shelf next to the Screwdriver.
    • If this happens, the Shotgun may no longer be a viable option to get the Screwdriver because it may explode the Gasoline in the process, assuming that the Car is the preferred way to escape.
  • There is a glitch where it can be obtained by throwing a vase through the Bathroom wall in a very specific spot, which can clip through the wall, knocking the cup down from the shelf with the Screwdriver inside.
  • The Screwdriver isn't required on Item Preset 3 if the player wishes to escape with the Car, as:
    • The screwdriver safe contains the Playhouse Key.
    • The Cogwheel Safe contains the Master Key, which is not needed to escape in the Car.


Obtain the Screwdriver without using any weapon

Obtain the Screwdriver without using any weapon

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