The Secret Area Middle Floor is a room in Granny. It is connected to the Secret Area Top Floor and the Secret Area Bottom Floor. A door to the side leads to the Meat Room.


  • It is possible to hide behind the set of stairs leading to the upper floor. If Granny is going to investigate the bottom floor, it is recommended to hide here in Extreme mode. This is further explained in the Secret Area Trick.
  • Just like the Cupboard under the stairs, the Meat Room is a possible hiding place due to its size but this is not recommended as the player has no means of seeing if the coast is clear unless they open the door which exposes them to Granny.
  • This is one of Granny’s respawning places in the house after being knocked out by a Crossbow, Shotgun, Gasoline Can or Sauna.
  • Although rare, Granny can occasionally wander down to this floor.




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