The Secret Area Top Floor is a room behind three boxes in the Walk-In Closet. This room contains the Weapon Safe and a small closet. It also has a drawer in it, which may contain an item. It is connected to the Secret Area Entrance, the Hidden Closet, and the Secret Area Middle Floor. The Secret Area was added to the game in Version 1.1.



  • It is highly recommended to leave this area and go down to the Secret Tunnel immediately if the Player makes a noise here, which is most often dropping the Weapon Key to hold the Crossbow and Tranquilizer Dart.
  • The Hidden Closet is a good place to hide after dropping the Weapon Key and/or stepping on the Creaking Floor (if the Player is in Extreme mode), as you get a good view of the surrounding area nearby while in it. Shooting Granny while in the Hidden Closet is a good strategy, as there will be no risk of missing (which happens occasionally when shooting her out in the open).
  • Although this room is one of the safer areas of the house, Granny will still occasionally wander out here on her own. She might also re-spawn in Secret Area Middle Floor after being knocked out, which makes it risky to explore in this area when Granny is about to re spawn.



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