The Secret Tunnel is a tunnel in Granny. It connects the Basement and Secret Area Bottom Floor in the Easy, Normal, and Hard modes. On the Basement side, the Player has to knock down a tall, thin door to enter the tunnel, which generates noise that alerts Granny.


The Secret Tunnel is one of the most popular places to hide and is also a useful way to lure Granny on a certain side of the tunnel when the player wants to exit using the other side of the tunnel without risk of encountering Granny. Dropping an object and getting Granny on the Secret Area side will buy the player enough time to search for objects on the first floor or to open locks on the Main Door. On the other hand, dropping an item on the main side will allow the Player to search for items on the Secret Area side.


  • It is blocked by iron bars on the Basement side in Extreme mode.
  • You will often have to drop objects a few times to get Granny to the Secret Area side.
  • Very rarely, Granny will put a Bear Trap right at the end of the tunnel so when the player goes there he/she is forced to step on it while still in crouch mode inside the tunnel. When this happens, the player will suddenly stand up and become unable to move or pick up items. This causes the player to become stuck forever, because Granny cannot reach inside the Tunnel to kill the player. The only way to fix this is to restart the game. However, there is a way to prevent the player from getting stuck, which is to simply disarm the trap by dropping a heavy-enough object on it. Note that the same thing can happen with the Attic vent and the Playhouse.
  • Sometimes, if you are doing the Secret Tunnel trick, Granny might see you go to the Secret Area side and run that way to try and catch you. Again, it is unknown if this a glitch or intentional. To prevent this, alert Granny again, and wait for her to leave without her seeing you.
  • If Granny sees you crawl in the Secret Tunnel, usually she will not knock you out, unlike when she sees you hide in Beds, Cabinets, Chests, or the Car. When this happens, Granny will just run to the entrance to the Secret Tunnel and look around for a few moments. However, if Granny is close enough to the Player upon entering the tunnel, she will knock them out. This also applies to the Hidden Tunnel and Hidden Closet.
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