The Sewer is a floor in Granny that is connected to the Backyard and Meat Room. It was added in Update 1.7.


The Swamp is a dirty sewer area of the house that the Player can access from going down the one-way drain in the Backyard next to the Playhouse. They will fall into a small space and then they will approach the Swamp Tunnel that will lead them to this main part. There is a staircase opposite the Sewer Cell which leads up to the Crow Room. There are three other rooms here, and a crow cage, a Birdseed Bowl on the top of the Barrel, a Fireplace, the painting is located in the Crow Room, consisting of only one Static Table in the Storage Room on the left of the Storage Room with a barrel located in the Abandoned Closet which has a barrel and is covered up with the Plank. To the right of it is a Door that leads to the Meat Room.



Secret House


  • Granny can access this area, with the exception of the Crow Room Closet, Cellar Swamp Entrance and the Swamp Tunnel so the Player should be cautious as dropping items here still makes noise.
  • The swamp grounds are covered with a thick layer of a liquid (most likely disgusting sewer water) that the Player and Granny are capable of walking on and it produces a sloppy sound similar to the sound when stepping on the blood-coated floors in Nightmare mode.
  • The swamp has water effect on the PC version.
  • It is unusual that there are no pipes here.
  • This could be a reference to Slendrina: The Cellar, another game by DVloper.
  • This is the only area in the house that Granny will never wander around on her own, besides the Special Room and the Jail.


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Sewer Dungeon

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