The Shed is a structure in the Backyard and can be accessed by the Hidden Tunnel. It contains a small lamp shining over a Blueprint for the Guillotine and few shelves with a Tin Can that can easily be knocked over and can alert Granny. It was added in Version 1.3.


The Shed is quite small, however the player has enough room to walk around. The shape of the Shed is a square. Inside the Shed contains 2 shelves on the wall which can hold an item, but it also holds a Tin Can, knocking it down will make noise and alert Granny. It also has a table which holds a Shed Lamp and a Blueprint, it can hold an item. On the floor is a palette, touching it will make it move, and it leads the Player to the Hidden Tunnel. The shed is made out of wood.


The Shed can contain the Melon located on the table, as seen on the right. For that tool position, the Melon contains the Playhouse Key. The Red Cogwheel can spawn on the lower right shelf under the Tin Can and the Orange Cogwheel can spawn on the Guillotine blueprint. The Buttstock for the Shotgun can also spawn on the Shelf beside the Tin Can.


  • There is a Bloody Message that says “HELP” on the top of the shed. See the image below. It is an Easter egg. However, it's normally impossible to go there without using mods or hacks.
  • There is actually a way to see "HELP" without going on top of the shed. The player needs the Crossbow or Shotgun. After shooting Granny, they must put her near the Backyard - Dining Room door. If the player climbs up Granny correctly, they should see "HELP".
  • In Darker Mode, the light from the Shed stands out more than it normally would due to the surrounding darkness.



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