"It has been a good day today but i'm starting to feel dizzy and nauseous now."

― Slendrina

Slendrina is a minor character in Granny, and the granddaughter of Granny. She is one of the most important characters in the series.


Ever since the 1.3 Update of Granny, the player can summon Slendrina. To do this, the player must go to the Secret Area Top Floor, go to the Hidden Closet and get the Teddy. The player then must go to the Baby Room in the Attic and throw the Teddy into the Crib. If the player successfully does this, then Granny will respawn in the Basement and Slendrina will appear on the far side of the crib. Ghostly fog will emanate from her while the Slendrina theme plays. When this is done, Slendrina will disappear.

Impact on the Gameplay

Prior to the 1.3.2 update, Slendrina was just an easter egg that barely impacted the game. However, in the 1.3.2 Update, when Slendrina is spawned, she will activate the second ending which will play if the player manages to escape the house.


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  • Slendrina was made in 2013 by DVloper, 5 years prior to Granny's release.
  • When getting the Teddy, Granny starts to chase you where ever you are and she will walk faster with her eyes glowing red. Even if you hide, she will catch you in a hiding spot no matter what.
    • To be safe, the player can knock down the Planks and go back and get the Teddy.
    • The player can also hide in an area that Granny cannot reach.
    • Also, the player can lure Granny to another room before doing so.
      • Take note that Granny locks the bedroom door closest to the attic (Bedroom 2) on Day 3. This will persist throughout Days 4-6 until the player lures her to the door and tricks her into opening it or spawns there after being knocked out. As such, you might want to complete this task on Day 1 or 2.
    • The safest way to put Teddy in the Crib is to knock Granny out first and run up to the attic quickly to put the Teddy in the crib. This strategy works best on the Easy or Normal difficulty, as the player has a lot of time to do this. After that, hide either in the vent or the chest to be safe, or in case Granny has woken up. This might not work on Hard or Extreme difficulties as the player has less time (15 or 30 seconds) to put Teddy in the crib without Granny knowing.