Slendrina's Mom is the daughter of Granny and a major character in Slendrina series. She was added to Granny in Update 1.5. She originates from the Slendrina series of games, where she served as one of the antagonists.

Appearance in the Slendrina games

Slendrina's mom appears in various Slendrina games, where she takes various forms. Most often, she is an antagonist who chases the player and scratches them.

In Slendrina X, she is seen chained up inside of a cage, unmoving. When the player leaves the room, she breaks free, but does not become hostile until the escape sequence (once Slendrina's spirit is captured in the Book).

Once this has been done, she becomes a giant head that blocks the hallways and slowly chases the player, instantly killing them on contact.

In House of Slendrina, she can be found crawling on spider legs, and whenever you enter either of the bedrooms in Slendrina's house, she will scream. If you go in her closet she will lock you in for a few seconds but eventually let you out and when you walk out she will be sitting on the bed. If you get closer Slendrina will jumpscare you, but not harm you.

Appearance in Granny

In Granny, Slendrina's mom appears as an easter egg, similar to Slendrina's appearance in Granny.

To reveal this easter egg, the Player has to knock the Painting in Bedroom 2 off of the wall, revealing the Bookshelf Lever. When this lever is pulled, the Bookshelf will move, giving the Player access to the Bookshelf Room. Inside this room is a pedestal. If the Book is placed on the pedestal, the back wall will shift backwards, revealing Slendrina's mom, who is chained to the wall, similar to her appearance in Slendrina X. She cannot harm the Player. She also appears in a painting in the Crow Room.


  • Just like the Slendrina easter egg, if Granny is awake during the summoning, she will disappear and respawn in the Basement.
  • Many people often confuse Slendrina's mom with Granny herself as they bear some similarities.
    • They both have white hair.
    • They both wear white clothing (although they wear different types)
    • They both have their mouth open