Not to be confused with Spawning (Chapter Two)
Spawning is an arguably important feature in Granny. It is done by the Player, the Spider, and Granny at the end of each day or before being knocked out.

Start of the Day


For item spawnings, see Item Locations (Granny)


If Granny is shot by a Tranquilizer Darts, Shotgun (with/without Gasoline Can), Car, Freeze Trap or Sauna, she will have four possible respawning spots when the time is up, they are:

She has an equal chance of spawning in all 4 of these spots. It is completely random where she spawns; as of right now, no known patterns have been found. It has been noticed that Granny will not spawn in the same spot 2 times in a row, and it will always alternate.


The selection of these spots is believed to be randomized so there is no way of knowing which she will appear at. It is recommended to stay away from each of these areas near her wakening. One useful tip is to escape to the Attic or Backyard to wait for her revival. The only downside is that you have to pass Bedroom 2 for the Attic and the Backyard is close to the Living Room, so don't leave it until the last few seconds.

When respawned she will run to the most recent noise made during her time asleep, so if noise is made you should stay away from where the most recent one was made or hide. Often, when respawned in Bedroom 2 she will knock over the Chair or in the Basement, she will knock over the Metal Bar hanging up. This is useful for the Player to know that she's back and where she is.

When Granny is about to respawn, it would be wise to hide or back up against a wall where Granny can not spawn. From here, you can either wait for her to show herself and knock her out again using one of the weapons, or you can wait until you know what direction she's coming from and avoid her entirely.

The safest thing, especially for beginners is just to hide and wait for her to respawn as you are unsure of where she will be at and you don't want to be running into her.

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  • There is an occasional glitch where the Player knocks her out but she respawns instantly which can be annoying for them and requires them to shoot her again.


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