The Special Key is an item added in Version 1.5 in Granny. It is unique in the sense that it is the only key to have prongs, four in fact, rather than a standard, bladed key.

When inserted in the lock, it twists, and the iron door with holding the Special Room slides back. This makes noise but does not alert Granny.



  • The Special Key isn't required if one wishes to escape using the Main Door unless he/she receives Tool Positions 2 or 4, in which the Playhouse Key and Padlock Key are in the Special Cabinet, respectively.
  • However, it is required for all tool positions to escape using the Car.
  • When dropped, it makes the same noise as the Wrench.
  • Occasionally, after being thrown, the special key will become stuck. When this happens, you are able to pick it up at any time and it does not make any noise.
  • It looks like a stool.