Spectral Rats are a hazard that serve as the quaternary antagonists of the game.


They are one of the new pets that were added. They only appear in Nightmare Mode, so you do not have to worry about them at all on all other normal modes. They appear at random, so beware where you step. Sometimes, stepping on a rat is inevitable, as they may block a narrow way. Just be sure to know Granny's position before intentionally stepping on it. They are just like creaking floors, but even if you don't move, a rat can still run into you.


The rats are the fourth most dangerous character in Granny (first being Granny, second being the spider, third being the crow), as they temporarily hinder your vision, and in that process alert Granny.


Upon getting bitten by a rat, you will receive a short stun, similar to the jail ventilator, but much shorter.

Hindrance Of Vision

During the stun (bite) from a rat, the screen will shake violently, the borders will get splattered with blood, and the edges of the screen will be drastically darkened, and a lens distortion effect will be applied to the entire view.

Alerting Of Granny

During the bite of a rat, the rat will hiss. This hiss will result in Granny coming to the location of the hiss, and if she sees you, she will follow you, as normal.


An unknown amount of rats appear in the house at the beginning of Day 1, and their exact locations at the beginning of the day is currently unknown. The rats seem to have the ability to "teleport" between rooms, and there appears to be at least 3 or more rats at a time in the house at once, but it is widely assumed that the rats retire at their own will. The "3 or more" statement is supported by the fact that upon leaving a room with a rat already in it, there may be 2 rats in the next room.


The rats will commonly walk for a short period of time, and then they will stop and rest. During the "resting", the rats will lay there, but nothing much else will occur. The "resting" can also take place on staircases and in hallways, which will block the path from the staircase or hallway. This will result in time being wasted and your frustration, as a rat that is on a staircase will block the path, and it is only very rare to walk past one and not get bitten (check out the end of this paragraph). You would have to risk a bite in that situation, which would alert Granny. The rats will completely ignore the player’s presence and will not chase them, but if they wander into the Player or the Player steps on them, they will bite and begin running away. In some very rare instances (most commonly on the staircases and in hallways), you can get extremely close to a rat, but it won't bite. It is still unknown why this occurs.


The Spectral Rats CANNOT be stunned or killed by any weapon such as the crossbow, the shotgun, the pepper spray, the sauna, the car and the freeze trap. This rule also applies to the unstable flooring and Granny herself, as those things that knockout and or kill you cannot influence the Spectral Rats either. The bear traps (and the flesh variants) also apply, as Spectral Rats cannot interact with them.


The Spectral Rats cannot access the secret tunnel, the hidden tunnel, the attic tunnel or any other places such as the hidden closet. Those are total safe zones. Most of these examples are due to the size of the structure, but logically, the Spectral Rats should be able to access those areas. They will mainly wander around the ground floor, while sometimes going to the upper floor and attic. They will never go into the secret area bottom floor. They can also teleport or go through walls.


  • These Spectral Rats appear to be ghosts (that is why they are dubbed "Spectral Rats", spectral meaning "of or like a ghost"), and their strange origins are still somewhat unknown.
  • These Spectral Rats were a strange addition to Granny, as they have no relation to anything in Granny previously, and they were a random choice for a new character (antagonist).
  • Unlike the spider and the crow, the player can't kill these Spectral Rats.
  • If the player shoots one of the rats with the crossbow, it will make the same sound as when it bites the Player. It will also run away.
  • The Spectral Rats are the only pets that are free to roam the house.



Very Low

Bloody Mannequin, Christmas Tree


Boxes, Candlesticks, Table, Girder, Covers, Passenger Door


Bear Traps, Bell Alarm, Chair, Creaking Floors, Grey Vase, Blue Vase, Hanger, Hanging Meat, Hanging Plates, Tin Can, Large Lamp, Security Camera, Vent Door, Metal Panel, Spectral Rats


Guillotine, Jail Door, Unstable Flooring, Iron Bars, Gasoline


Locked Door


GrannySpiderTeddySpider Cage

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