Not to be confused with Victim Bunker

The Starting Bedroom is where the Player first wakes up in Granny. This room includes 2 tables (1 static and one movable), a Vase, a cabinet with drawers, a Wardrobe, a Bed, a Painting and a Window. It is connected to the Main Room.


  • Inside the left drawer of the nearby Drawer, one can find the message "Leave this house" written in blood and the static table has the words "FIVE DAYS" carved into it. This is probably the work of the Previous Victim.
  • On Day 2, the Player will receive the message "I need to leave this house" on screen.
  • The space behind the Door is big enough to fit the player. If they throw the Vase towards the Bed, then hide behind the Door, they can walk out when Granny comes in to inspect the noise. Be careful not to hit the Painting on your way out, or Granny will turn around and spot you while attempting to leave.
  • Formerly, the Safe Key had the ability to spawn in the right drawer, but this has been changed since Version 1.2.
  • It is recommended to leave this room immediately on all Days as Granny usually heads upstairs first to look for you.
  • Before Version 1.7, the Starting Bedroom door used to be locked on Day 2 requiring the Player to lure her inside. However, as of now it is unlocked. It is unknown why this was changed but possibly to make it easier for the Player due to the many rooms in the house.
    • Probably, many Youtubers expressed frustration with the door being locked, and DVloper knew and fixed it up.



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Granny: Chapter Two
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