The Note is found in the hidden room, it was left by Granny's previous victim, who is presumably deceased.

In the note, the victim tells the Player that Granny hides things inside fruit, which refers to the fact the Melon can be sliced open with the Guillotine for a key item.

The fate of the victim is unknown, but they are most likely deceased.


"This is my fifth day in this house. She chases me wherever I go. I'm quite injured and my body hurts. The only thing I remember before I woke up in this house is that I was driving when my car suddenly broke down. I went out to see what the problem when someone suddenly hit me in the head. I have managed to open a pair of locks on the front door but that's all. Why does she do this? I hope no one will experience the same thing as I do. If I do not survive and if someone find this message I have noticed that she sometimes hide things inside fruits."


  • It cannot activate Bear Traps since it is too light.
  • The author of the note was caught by Granny when their car broke down, which is proof that they are over the age of 15.
    • Actually, before version 1.4, the note was telling something about the car, maybe a message about the 1.4 update.