There are three Tranquilizer Darts in Granny, and they can be found in the Weapons Cabinet, with the Crossbow. Unlike regular objects, they cannot be picked up by hand. Only the Crossbow can carry them. When the Crossbow is dropped, the Tranquilizer Dart that is loaded inside if there is one will also be dropped.


The Tranquilizer Darts are small, narrow darts with fairly short, silver needles at the top of each dart. They are white in color, with red parts at the bottom of the dart and just below the needle.

Knock out granny

The player holding the Crossbow with a Tranquilizer Dart, preparing to shoot Granny.


List of uses:

CANNOT be used on:

Effect on Granny

When Granny is shot with a Tranquilizer Dart, she will stop walking and slightly roll her head from left to right and stay still for 1 second and drop to the floor in a ragdoll position; and she will become an "obstacle" if you want to go past her. She won't be able to get up or attack you, and she will be knocked out for a set amount of time, depending on the difficulty that you are playing on.

Gamemode Time
Easy 2 minutes
Normal 1 minute
Hard 30 seconds
Extreme 15 seconds


  • As opposed to the Shotgun which has limited ammo scattered throughout the house, the Tranquilizer Darts are reusable and most of the time fairly easy to retrieve after firing.
  • In most cases, the Player can determine whether they prefer assembling the Shotgun for stronger, albeit limited, firepower or if they prefer unlocking the Crossbow for a slightly weaker but overall more versatile weapon.
  • It's unknown why Granny would lay a Crossbow and Tranquilizer Darts as she doesn't seem to use them.
  • In addition, it gives the Player a chance to escape.
  • The Darts have no blood on them, meaning that Granny's blood does not stick to the syringe.
  • It is so unrealistic that the darts are still infinitely reusable, as a real-life dart is supposed to empty its contents upon hitting the target. So, if the game were realistic, a reused dart must just hurt Granny a little.
  • It makes the same noise as the Padlock Code.


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