Unstable Flooring is arguably the most dangerous environmental hazard in Granny. Instead of just making noise, the Unstable Flooring can immediately knock the Player out, starting a new Day. Upon version 1.7.3, A new Game Over scene can be here.


The Unstable Flooring is found in the Attic in the doorway to the Jail.

Although it is clearly discolored and shows signs of damage, an unsuspecting player may be lulled into a false sense of security and attempt to walk across it.

However, stepping on the floor will break it into pieces and drop them to the Ground Floor, a guaranteed knockout leading to the next Day.

How to Avoid

As the Door in the adjacent room is locked, the only way to access the Jail is to obtain a Plank from the blocked doorway to the left and place it over the hole. However, if you are not careful, you can still fall off of the edges and lose the Day.


  • The sound of the Unstable Flooring breaking.
  • The sound of the debris hitting the ground.
  • The sound of the Player falling through the hole.


  • If you go near the Unstable Flooring for long enough, the Player says, "Maybe I can use one of the planks."
    • If the player places one of the planks while this message is still on screen, it will never disappear, persisting for the rest of the playthrough and even into the ending cutscenes.
  • The Unstable Flooring attracts Granny to the Ground Floor as the debris falls there rather than the Attic. This is good as it gives the Player time to break the Security Camera and hide again. Just make sure that she doesn't see you through the hole and run upstairs.
  • Upon Version 1.7.3, there is a Game Over scene that Granny pushes the Player to the Unstable Flooring.