I joined this Wiki on August 7th, also I open my account on this wiki my first arrangement was on the Weapon Safe page. I have attached an info box I made, I added 364 photo and video on the wiki

My Discord : Ebru Polat#8569


Granny is asleep watching TV.


I opened my account on August 7th. I came to this Wiki on August 7. On August 12, I became a "Rollback". I was a "Moderator" on August 16th. I've been an "Admin" on August 23rd.

I have these authority:

  • Rollback (on August 12th 2018)
  • Content Moderator (on August 16th 2018)
  • Discussions Moderator (on August 16th 2018)
  • Chat moderator (on August 16th 2018)
  • Administrator/Admin (on August 23rd 2018)


The new pages I have added on to this wiki:

It's 61 in total

My Profile Photos

Note: My profile photos is not real me

I Added this photos and videos on the wiki

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