Hi! I am Gweedo Torpedo, but you probably figured that out already. I am working on being more active on this wiki. I also helped stop Bowser back in October-January. That was fun.


If any users (members) need help, leave a message on my wall! I am open to helping anybody, no matter how un-inviting my pfp looks.

Things I've done

  • Helped Stop Bowser201 and his alts.
  • Helped fix most of the grammar mistakes on some pages.
  • Made stubs less stubby and gave short pages more detail
  • Earned back the trust of some great people here by not being a jerk
  • Became a moderator.


Lam--We argued a lot in the past, but now we are friends

HazmatCat--Don't really know how to put this. Um. We're friends.

Matta--Helped ward of Bowser with me.

Mishacattv--We met on Discord. Great job on the new promotion!

Purple--We met on Discord. He gave me this really cool test!

Waluigi--We met on Discord and became good friends.

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