I am a true New Yorker at heart. I move fast, I do my stuff, and I do it for the pay and rewards. I go big, I hit big. Granny, Anki Overdrive, and EvilNun have been some of the best games and programing I have ever played and seen. Please check out Anki Overdrive Wiki when you get a chance!

I am also very interested in trains and planes. I play War Thunder, a free and AWESOME game where you can play with tanks, planes and ships from world war two, and from the korean and vietnam wars! This is my favorite computer game. If you try or play it, let me know!!

My favorite pages

  • Car, duh. I like moving things.
  • Spider. Arachnids are helpful cause they kill mosquitoes.
  • Wire Lock. It's just so satisfying when it changes colors.
  • Glitches. I have my fair share there. (it rhymes so it must be true)

Friends on this wiki

  • Spooderman836- He's an awesome moderator, and funny too!
  • Lam- What a hard working admin!
  • FryingPan - A really good guy!
  • CloakedWarrior13- An excellent detective, he can solve any mystery
  • Matta- Wonderful person and he's my good friend
  • Mishacattv - He is a very hard working writer!
  • And so many more... (Message me and I'll add you!!!!!)

Profile Pics (Through the ages)

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New York City (if ya don't know it)

The Empire State Building

One of my favorite NYC trains, the old R40

Times Square

One World Building

Our "reliable" bus service

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