So, uuh... Yeah, introduce myself, ok, i got it, uuhh... How am i gonna do that, uuuhhh... yeah, so uuhh... Good morning, good evening everyone, i´m ItzWaluigiTime86 (yeah my actual name isn't TheWaluigiBoss anymore, forget that, it sucks) but you can call me WaluigiTime or just Walugi if you want... (you'll never guess who got pissed when they learned he wasn't in Smash Ultimate) So i ´ve already been here but, because of a bug or something i just got disconnected from my account and lost my password... I mean i tried every single one that i remebered but no so i just created another account and here i am... That’s a shame because the new 1.5 Granny update allowed me to get pretty much alot of achievement points and 32 badges, now i lost them... And that makes me kinda sad but anyways, forget about it and let’s just restart and help the Granny Wiki as much as i possibly can... Thanks ! ;)

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