aka Jonah Johnson

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  • I live in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • I was born on January 22
  • I am male

Hello there!

I've been (obsessively) playing Granny since the 1.2 update and although I'm new to Wikia editing, I have plenty of information to share, including textures and sound effects datamined from the game and screenshots of the game decompiled in Unity.

I hope to make this wiki a better place through cleaning up misinformation and adding little known facts and trivia!

If you wish to contact me, I most commonly use Discord for communication. My name and tag is Buttery Stancakes#9593. Don't be afraid to add me if you'd like to talk! I have plenty to say about this game.

I primarily play on iOS, but I also use BlueStacks to play older versions (for nostalgia and research) as well as to test out some of my mods.

Here's a link to my Granny folder in Google Drive, which contains data dumps of every version of the game as well as my color mod for Update 1.5.

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