Hello. I am MattapoisettPatton27, formerly MattapoisettPatton1. Kirkbirn disabled my original account because he thought I was underage. January 2, 2020 is the best day ever because it's the day I was allowed to create another account. I am also a waffle. (I know it says that I joined this wiki on Jan 2, 2020 but it was actually Jan 20, 2019. Look at my first account for proof.)


Chronological order (the order I became friends with them.)

Enemies >:((((((((((((((

Chronological order (the order I became enemies with them.)


  • Hi.
  • I'm a waffle
  • I have brain damage
    • Actually, I have no brain :^)
  • I'm also a waffle.
  • In case I didn't mention it, I'm a waffle.
  • My mouth tastes like teeth.
  • I have made over 1,000 edits here on this wiki.
  • My alternate account is MattapoisettPatton276. I will use it when I can't comment 'n' stuff.
    • NOT a bad sockpuppet account, don't worry
  • If you need to argue with someone about something, do it here.
  • I make hilarious videos about baby show characters on my youtube channel, The Apperson Losers. you should watch them. I also make Rolling Sky videos. I recently uploaded my first granny video.
  • I'm a waffle.
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