Hello, I am UppishGames and I am The Founder of both The Granny wikia and the new UppishGames Official Granny 2 Wikia.

I am a very big horror fan, I love playing everything horror based, That includes Movies, TV, Video Games, Comics and even figurines.

I am also a youtuber that posts videos twice a week, I post all sorts of things, gaming videos, vlogs, commentary videos, rants, occasional craft videos and more. If you want to check out my channel, follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/uppishgames though i really suggest only watching if you are 13 and up.

My Logo.jpg

I am also a big fan of collecting things such as, rocks, gems, comics, figurines as well as other things such as coins and items from american history.

I try my best to be respectful to everyone, and as long as you act mature and kind, and do not break rules, I am sure that i will be able to welcome you to the wiki!

So come on in! but please, Mind your Manners!

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