The Vent Door is a structure in Granny. It blocks the entrance to the Attic Tunnel, and when knocked over (which you will have to do to access the attic tunnel) it will create a noise of the medium variety. It is located, in of course, in the attic.


The vent door is an old, rusty door. It has a window near the top for viewing, and is light enough (weight, not brightness or color) to where the player can lift it.


The vent door is used by Granny to block off the attic tunnel. It also may be a sort of trap set by Granny to alert her if something is moving around in the attic.


  • The vent door may be used to "cover up" the entrance to the Bathroom. This would be logical, because Granny may want to trap the player inside the attic with no escape. That would result in Granny having the upper hand in a fight.
  • The vent door appears to be centuries old, so it may have been passed down through the family.
  • In earlier versions of Granny (1.4 or older), the vent door could be knocked over when the mannequin was already on the ground. This would result in the mannequin respawning on top of the vent door, causing an infinite chain reaction where Granny would stay in the attic forever.
  • Also prior to version 1.5, you could knock it into the tunnel, causing you to be invisible for the rest of the game (Not the Spider, though, you're only invisible to Granny)



Very Low

Bloody Mannequin, Christmas Tree


Boxes, Candlesticks, Table, Girder, Covers, Passenger Door


Bear Traps, Bell Alarm, Chair, Creaking Floors, Grey Vase, Blue Vase, Hanger, Hanging Meat, Hanging Plates, Tin Can, Large Lamp, Security Camera, Vent Door, Metal Panel, Spectral Rats


Guillotine, Jail Door, Unstable Flooring, Iron Bars, Gasoline


Locked Door


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