Version 1.5 is the 9th version of Granny and one of the biggest ones. It's the first update that added a secondary antagonist. It was added on August 22, 2018 and released to PC on November 20th, 2018 as Version 1.0.


Added or Removed:

Version 1.5 introduced a few things:

Removed things:

  • The Brick Wall in the Garage that says "You Cannot Escape!" was removed and replaced with a breakable wall because the Car can be used to escape.
  • The Padlock Code was entirely removed on Easy Mode, as it would have no effect if the Player escapes with the Car.

Item Locations

This was possibly the biggest update with regards to changes in item locations. Almost every item had a change in every preset. New items introduced also added to this. Some examples are:

Most of the changes in old items were done in order to make obtaining those items easier and so that the new items for the Car could spawn in their place. In this update, generally the item locations were easier for Main Door Escaping Procedure players. Mainly, this was demonstrated in the selection of items in the Special Room Locker, as three of those items were only required for the Car Escaping Procedure and the other two were keys which were needed for both escape methods and thus the Car Escaping Procedure requires more work. The Playhouse Key was moved here from the Safe in 1.4 & the Padlock Key was moved here from the Jail Ventilator. It is unknown why DVloper had not placed any Main Door Escaping Procedure items e.g. the Master Key in this room, which would make the game fairer.


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