The Walk-In Closet is a room in Granny. It is connected to Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, and the Secret Area Entrance behind some boxes. It's been in the game since Version 1.0.


The Walk-In Closet contains a clothes hanger, which can be knocked over. Be careful as doing this creates noise. This room also contains a stack of cardboard boxes that block the entryway to the Secret Area.


  • The clothes hanger has no clothes on it.
  • On the wall to the right is a tally mark 5, it is likely the work of the Previous Victim to count their Days left in the house.
  • However, it is unknown why they would do it here, instead of the Starting Bedroom.
  • The Hammer used to spawn on the top board above the boxes on Preset 4 until the release of Version 1.7 when it was moved to the Sewer Cell's table for Preset 4, which makes it much harder to find.

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