The Weapon Key is one of the seven keys which appear in Granny. It was formerly required to escape the house but since Version 1.4 the Shotgun can perform the same functions as the Crossbow, making it optional.


The Weapon Key has a yellow handle and a silver blade with three teeth. It unlocks the Weapon Cabinet in the Secret Area Top Floor, which contains the Crossbow and three Tranquilizer Darts.


The Weapon Key can spawn in any of these five locations:

  1. Inside the Cogwheel Safe (requires the Cogwheels and Playhouse Key to open)
  2. Inside the Car Trunk (requires the Car Key to open)
  3. Inside the Kitchen fridge.
  4. Inside the Car Glovebox.
  5. In the right drawer in Bedroom 2


  • From Version 1.1 to Version 1.3, this key was required to escape Granny's house as you could not obtain the screwdriver without it. However, as of Version 1.4, this key isn't necessary anymore to beat the game if the player completes the Shotgun, which can also shoot down the Screwdriver. However, it is normally easier to get the Weapon Key than to complete the shotgun.
  • Generally, since the 1.5 update the Weapon Key was changed to a few easier positions to obtain e.g from the Melon which was in the car to the Car Glove box in preset 4 and from the Safe to the right drawer of Bedroom 2. The Spark Plug and Engine Part now spawn in those places in those positions.