""Any water inside?" " ― The Player

The Well is a structure that was added in Version 1.3 in Granny. It contains various features and items that are required to escape.


The Well has a circular, stone base leading to a deep hole in the ground. While the base on the outside of the well is made of stone, the inside of the well is black, with no texture. Also, in the hole, there is no water. Just a dry pit. Two rods on opposite sides of the ring lead to a metal axis in the middle. A bucket with an item inside is hanging on a thick yellow rope leading to the axis.

Key Items

The spawn location of the Winch Handle corresponds to what is inside the Well:

Location Well Contains
Sewer Cell and Study Hammer
Teddy Room Engine Part
Safe Melon
Kitchen Lower Left Cupboard Red Cogwheel


  • Granny strangely does not hear you crank the well, despite it making a moderately loud squeaking noise even though Granny is capable of hearing much quieter sounds produced by the player.
  • From Update 1.3-Update, it was necessary to check the well, as it always contained an item necessary for escaping the house. However, as of Update 1.5, this is no longer the case, as the well will sometimes contain an item only necessary for escaping with the car or escaping through the front door.
  • Assuming that the metal axis is one inch wide and that it takes ten turns for the bucket in the well to rise to the top, we can estimate that the well is ~31.4 inches deep.
  • If an item glitches through a wall or floor, it'll most likely spawn beside the Well. This most commonly occurs with the Screwdriver can, the Number Padlock and the Tranquilizer Darts.
  • If an item is dropped inside the well, and doesn't land in the bucket it will spawn next to the well immediately.
  • If the Player is cranking the well and Granny wanders out to the Backyard, they can crouch behind the Well and she might not see them. However, this isn't 100% guaranteed to work.
  • The Cutting Pliers always spawned in the Well prior to the 1.5 update. They now spawn on the table in the Secret Area Entrance, which is an easier position than the Well but the Engine Part now spawns here instead.
  • The Winch Handle seems to rotate at a speed dependent on the device’s framerate, unlike almost every other thing in the game.
  • This can be seen when comparing the Android version to the iOS version, as the Android version has a capped 60 FPS while iOS has a capped 30 FPS. As a result, it rotates ~2x fast on Android devices.
  • This has an even more drastic effect on the PC port, as a player’s specs can vary wildly, resulting in framerates much further above or below the intended 60 FPS target. This means on some higher-end machines it can wind up incredibly fast, while on other, lower end-machines, it slows to a crawl.
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