The Winch Handle is an item that was added to Granny in Update 1.3. It is used as a handle for the Well in the Backyard.

Appearance and Properties

The Winch Handle is fairly large when compared to the other items, being around the same size as the Hammer. It is made of oak wood, and looks like a plank with a cylindrical piece of wood on one end. The plank-looking piece seems to be made of a darker wood than the cylindrical piece of wood.

When dropped it makes a sound of medium volume, which will likely alert Granny. The Winch Handle is also heavy enough to activate Bear Traps.


To use the Winch Handle, place it on the Well and crank it by holding the spinning icon. Although this generates noise, it does not alert Granny.


The location of the Winch Handle corresponds to what is in the Well:

Location Well Contains
Hidden Room - Table Hammer
Car - Trunk Hammer
Hidden Closet - Teddy Room Engine Part
Safe Melon
Kitchen - Lower Left Cupboard Red Cogwheel


  • It takes between 8 and 12 turns of the Winch Handle for the item inside the bucket in the Well to be collectible (it takes 15 seconds for it to stop turning and about 12 seconds to collect the item).
  • For some reason, the Winch Handle can't activate a Bear Trap.