The Workbench is a structure that was added to Granny in Update 1.0. It can be found in the Basement, close to the staircase and the bloodstain in the center of the room.

Description and Spawning

The Workbench is completely made out of dark Brown weathered wood, and it cannot be walked on normally. A tin can will also be found on the left side of the Workbench.

Some items can spawn on the desk, and these items are listen below:


  • Although it is not normally possible to walk on the Workbench, it can be done.
    • To do this, the Player has to crouch and walk up the staircase in the Basement. When the Player gets far enough up the stairs, they have to crawl off of the staircase and land on the nearby Barrels. The Player can then crawl across the Barrels to crawl onto the Workbench.
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